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what we do?
What We Do?

Logo Design & Brand Identity
Graphic design,
Packaging ​Design, ​
​​Web Design, Photography​
3D Modelling and Perspective
Booth Design & Construction


Advertising Photography

Product and Food Photo Shoot Architectural Design Modeling Interior and Exterior 3D Modeling and Rendering

Our Clients

Nestle, Canon, ​Perrier, ​Reuters​
ING Life, CP Brand, ​Oceanic​
Tefal, ​True Corporation,
A&W restaurant
The Pizza Company, Blue Scope Lysaght, Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife

Get in touch
Skype : paramaporn2918
Tel : + 662 538 3393
+ 6681 827 2918​​​
​​​​Fax : + 662 933 6133​​​

Z-Through Design is a graphic design firm that was established in 1997.  We offer  communication art services: Graphic Design, Logo & Brand Identity, Packaging Design, 3D, Web Design, Flash Design Photography and Retouching.


Our objective is to control all creative process to achieve strategic and mission goals through design. Planning from the discovery phase to the execution phase, making strategies that enable innovation and create effectively-design.

Our Work
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